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Childcare and Pre-K Classes at Adult Education West Campus

Education is a family affair.  And nowhere will this be more evident than at Detroit Public Schools Community District Adult Education Center-West Campus.

This upcoming school year, in addition to our renowned adult education programming, the campus will also offer childcare and Pre-K classes, which will be a benefit to students with young children that may have trouble finding a babysitter.

"We understand that sometimes, some of our adult students have trouble attending because they cannot find a baby sitter for their young children," Adult Ed West principal Dr. Dedria Willis said.  "So hopefully this will help."

The childcare rooms will be supervised by certified individuals, and those children involved with the Pre-K curriculum will receive education from certified and highly qualified DPSCD teachers and staff.

The school is located at 16164 Asbury Park, Detroit, MI 48235.  For more information, please call the school at 313-852-1089.