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State of the Schools: Adult Education Center West

Many great things have taken place at the DPSCD Adult Education Center-West Campus. 

This year, the school gained an on-site GED testing center for students of the center, as well as students at other GED preparation centers.  The school has also partnered with the Office of Community and Family Engagement to offer wraparound services. 

This, in addition to the usual high-quality programs, have made Adult Education Center-West Campus the premier destination for students looking to finish their high school diploma or get their GED--and even better things are on the horizon, according to Principal Dr. Dedria Willis.

In addition to the high quality educational programming offered by the Adult Education Centers and FACE, the West Campus will offer Pre-K classes in two classrooms in the building, as well as childcare for Adult Education students with young children.

Please watch the video of the State of the School address to learn more about some exciting things coming to Adult Education-West this school year and next: