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High School Homeroom Door Decorating Competition

The student council created the homeroom door decorating competition. During their homeroom, student's worked together to created some amazing festive door decorations. Each door had their unique style and message. Ms. Robles, Ms. Mercado, and Ms. Limon had the difficult task of picking the winner. The winners won champorrado (a traditional Mexican drink), hot chocolate, and pan dulce (sweet bread) provided by Ms. Robles, Ms. Limon, Ms. Hart, and Mr. Brown.


student with pan dulce

The first place winner, Ms. Forrest's senior class.

winning Door

winning class

There was a tie for second place, Ms. Skunda's class and Ms. Hart's class.

2nd runner up

2nd runner up


It was great seeing all the creativity that went into the door decorating and team effort.  It was hard deciding which door was the winner as they all did a great job. 

decorated door decorated door decorated door