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Lead By Example

In this world, everyone is different. You can’t find another person that is exactly like you. People judge others based on opinions, but more so on what they think is right to them based on their own experiences.  

 How does this relate to teens? Too many young people are going through high school struggling and doing things that aren’t right, but they don’t have the guidance they need to tell them that their decisions are going to have consequences after high school.

 Two of the issues that seem to be steering many students in the wrong direction are using drugs before school, or simply skipping school altogether. Those two behaviors can cause students to become disconnected from their own education.

 Some students act the way they do because they have not had positive role models in their lives who can lead them in the right direction in life. Too many students are more worried about what others think of them when they should be concerned with making their education their top priority.

 If you know your friends are going down the wrong path, you can choose to be the one who leads them towards the road to success. Sometimes being a leader means that you have to lead by example, even when it is difficult and you want to follow the crowd.    

Tashiana Garrett