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Wayne Culture Activities

Expect Respect Expect Respect!

Mrs. Dixon, our counselor, and Mr. Beale, our dean of culture, meet with classes weekly to provide hands-on activities and discussions about the Expect Respect program.  The first focus is on becoming a responsible student. Students discussed the qualities of responsibility and practiced them during their class discussions. 

Being responsible means we:

  1. Think before we act.
  2. Think about how our actions affect others.
  3. Think before we speak.
  4. Are accountable; taking responsibility for the results of what we do and don't do.
  5. Fix our mistakes.
  6. Keep trying. ...
  7. Are reliable and always do our job.
  8. Clean up our own messes.


Student of the Month

Each homeroom teacher selects 1 student who is modeling the Expect Respect character trait..  Students are recognized at the town hall meeting and are the monthly celebrity in their class.


Town Hall

IReady Challenge

Our students engage in 45-60 minutes of online reading and mathematics instruction weekly.  We want our students to aim high and master their content.  Sometimes we have friendly classroom competitions to aim for 100%.