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Vernor Elementary 2019 Spelling Bee Champ

This 2018-2019 school year, Michael Hollingshed is Dr. James Vernor Elementary School Spelling Bee Champion. Micheal is a fifth grade scholar who moved to the District round.

Interview with Vernor's Scholar and Spelling Bee Champion

Dr. Jeanmarie: Michael, how did you become such a successful speller?

Michael: My mom started me out with spelling when I was in Iowa. She used words that I did not know how to spell. We would practice everyday. Also, I watched Akela and the Bee a lot.  She did not want to spell initially but when she started to get the hang of it.  I was inspired to do the same.

Dr. Jeanmarie: Share your recommendations to improve spelling skills.

Michael: Listen to the syllables.  Practice everyday, try your best, never give up. I'll help the person spell and get better. 

Dr. Jeanmarie: What are your favorite hobbies?

Michael: Spelling and I enjoy playing basketball.

Dr. Jeanmarie: Favorite subject?

Michael: My favorite subject is math because I believe I can think and focus more on the answers.

Dr. Jeanmarie: What are your interests?

Michael: I have an interest in track.

Dr. Jeanmarie: Name a favorite book and tell why.

Michael:  My favorite book to read is Goosebumps because it is entertaining and scary. 

Dr. Jeanmarie: I enjoy the entertaining and scary, also.  You have very diverse interest and taste.  Thank you for sharing.