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National Wear Red Day at Thurgood...

Wear Red today!

On Friday, February 7, 2020, Thurgood Marshall students and staff join the movement to wear the color red to make awareness of the cardiovascular disease and to save lives.  The tradition of this holiday is dated back to 2002 which was established by the American Heart Association and it continues every year on the 1st Friday in February.  

What to do...

During the month of February, women are encouraged to increase their physical activity, check their high blood pressure levels, check their cholesterol levels and discuss any concerns with their doctors.  When we wear red, it is a reminder to spread the word about staying healthy. We applaud our students and staff members for their participation in this great cause.

Participation from K-8 classes

Mrs. Schweers' Kindergartener wearing red today. Ms. Perryman's first grade students show their support by wearing red Mrs. Dingle's grade 2 students wear red Principal Lee, Assistant Principal Carter, Dean Pilgrim and Ms. Reese, Secretary wear red . Mr. Powers' and the grade 4 wear red Mrs. Johnson's grade 4th students wear red Our ESE students wear red Ms. Randall's grade 1 students wear proudly wear red Mrs. Hawkins' grade 7 students wear red Ms. Langford's ESE students wear red Ms. Watson's 3rd grade student wears red Ms. Poole-Caldwell's ESE students wear red Ms. Moody's 7th grade class wears red... Ms. Mitchell's students wear red. Mrs. Taylor's students wear red Mrs. Clark's students wear red. Ms Portis' 8th graders wear red