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Stone Soup and Pilgrim Stew activity

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, students and staff members show kindness by creating an activity related to the Stone Soup and Pilgrim Stew story.  Thurgood Marshall students worked with their teachers to produce a feast to feed their entire class.  Students brought from home some ingredients such as carrots, potatoes, green vegetables, meat, and seasoning to create a wonderful meal.  Teachers read the original story about the soup being cooked by a pot and a stone.  Through the lesson, students learn how this one-pot made an amazing meal to feed an entire village.   Sharing and showing kindness was the moral part of the activity.  The Dean of Culture, Mr. Pilgrim, was the coordinator of the yearly event and the tradition will continue next school year.  Great job Mr. Pilgrim...  

PreK student enjoying the soup Kindergarten students having fun on this day. Mrs. Dingle's class showing their recipes Kindergarten student from Mrs. Schweers' class Ms. Mitchell's Exceptional students enjoying the meal Ms. White's Kindergartener enjoying the soup Ms. Perryman's making final preparation for the mea. More students from Mrs. Dingle's grade 2 class displaying their recipes Ms. Randall preparing to serve her students