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Veterans Day Program

On Monday, November 11, 2019, Thurgood Marshall had a Veterans Day program for grades 4-8 in the school auditorium.  Mr. Matthew Dunkle, Social Studies Teacher was the MC for the program.  The day was very significant for Mr. Dunkle because he served in the Army as a Staff Sargent.  Students from several 8th-grade classes spoke about the importance of Veterans Day and a student sung the Star-Spangled Banner.  Mr. Dunkle introduced the first speaker, Retired Captain Apprille Harris from the Navy and daughter of Board Member Corletta J Vaughn.  Captain Harris discussed that freedom means you have the right because of being born in American. She mentioned that freedom gives us the right to attend school.  She indicated that other countries do not have that Freedom.  


Retired Sargent, William Ware, father of Mrs. Rae Hawkins’ ELA at Thurgood, fought in the World War 11 during 1942-1945 in Europe.  He talked about General Patton, coming to where he was stationed for supplying water master codes to all troops on the front line and he indicated that the US helped Russia during the war.  He mentioned that he was stationed in Belgium, Italy, Russia, and Germany during WW 2. Retired Sargent Ware also talked about guarded a Water towers from the Germans. After Mr. Ware spoke, he was given a standing ovation. A beautiful history lesson by Retired Sargent Ware... 


Before Mr. Dunkle ended the program, he did recognize Retired Veterans at Thurgood Marshall which are the Navy’s Petty Officer Cruz, Building Engineer, and Sargent Venia Dalton, from the Marines.  The Veterans Day did end with students standing to the Star-Spangled Banner sung by our very own Ms. Pam Bartz, Art Teacher at Thurgood Marshall.  It was an amazing program and we salute our Veterans for protecting this country.

Mr. Ware and Princpal Students standing for the flag. Mr. Carter, Mr. Dunkle, Mrs. Hawkins, Mr. Waren, Principal Lee, Captain Harris Ms. Bartz after singing. Retired Sargent Venia Dalton, Retired Captain Apprille Harris and Retired Sargent William Ware Retired Captain Harris speaking The speakers prepping for the program Mrs. Hawkins, ELA teacher with her father William Ware Students listening to the speakers. 8th grader giving a speech about the Land of Free Students standing for the pledge Honoring the Veterans