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PRMXA Virtual Spelling Bee

All students in 5th through 8th grade competed in classroom level spelling bees for the first time in our virtual setting! The top two students from each 5th-8th grade classroom were asked to compete in the annual middle school spelling bee virtually, on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. In order to maintain the integrity of our spelling bee in the virtual world, students were asked to take an oath.

Spelling bee integrity oath

Ezra Davis in 7th grade won 1st place. Alan Carlisle in 5th grade won 2nd place.Nya Hutson in 7th grade won 3rd place. We are proud of all of our students who competed in the classroom as well as the final spelling bee. 

Ezra Certificate Ezra Spelling Bee winner

A special thank you to our judges Mama Winfree, Baba Moore, and Mama Dawson. Thank you to Mama Jackson for facilitating and Mama Doucette for record keeping. Our judges and host were also presented with a participation award for their hard work and dedication. 
Participation certificate