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Be Counted!


DPSCD is committed to educating our students on the importance of getting involved in the election process, registering to vote, and making sure our city is fully counted when it comes to the 2020 Census.

Excerpt from The Detroit News article written by Sarah Rahal, Jan. 31, 2020

"Andrew Amore, director of Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote campaign, said Detroit is a model city that is already standing out. The national nonprofit is dedicated to closing the gaps in voter registration and voter turnout in part by supporting K-12 schools to establish in-school voter registration, which is already happening in Detroit, he said.

"At Cass Tech, we have 400 students registered. Those 400 votes are enough to change a city, state and an election. Detroit is a national model, it's far more advanced than any other district in the country. Osborn is 92% the way here already," Amore said.

"We create plans, identify eligible students and register voters. Only 11,000 votes tipped the election in 2016. There are 3,500 eligible students in DPS. That gets us nearly halfway there."

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