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Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition

The Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition facilitates school-community partnerships to develop students as citizen-stewards of healthy ecological-social systems.

SMSC facilitates connections that unite educators, organizations, community members and youth who are dedicated to transforming education and protecting the future of our human and natural commons. 

Mr. Bodary, our Academic Leadership facilitator at Noble, along with Ms Klein, 4th grade science teacher; Ms Cleveland, middle school science teacher; and our community partners, Littlefield Community and Community Lens, attended the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition Winter Professional Development.

Noble teachers attend conference

The main topics of discussion included youth civic justice engagement, eco justice, social justice, climate resilience and sustainability practices.

Our teachers and community partners felt empowered coming together with professionals with different kinds of experiences and strengths, and learning in a collaborative setting throughout the professional development.