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DPSCD 8th Grade Students Prepare for High School with Bus Tour Visits


The Detroit Public Schools Community District staff is preparing its 8th grade students to rise by visiting district high schools in preparation for the upcoming school year transition to their next milestone. This week, students visited Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School and enjoyed learning from their older peers.  

Brewer Academy eighth grader Alayah Bradley, along with a half dozen of her classmates as well as eighth grade students from DPSCD schools’ Pulaski and Hamilton, exited a yellow school bus ready to learn more about King. Alayah and the other students were visiting King as part of the Examination High School Bus Tours, led by DPSCD’s Office of Enrollment. 

“I don’t know much about the school, so I feel like when I am done with this, I’ll have a better opportunity to pick this school,” said Alayah before joining her classmates and other students in King’s auditorium to start the visit. “I’m excited.” The bus tours highlight the District’s six Examination High Schools (King, Southeastern, Communication and Media Arts, Cass Tech, Renaissance, and the School at Marygrove). 

In addition to learning about King’s academic offerings, career pathways and extensive extra-curricular activities, staples at all the District’s Examination High Schools, Alayah and the bus tour students received a real-time example of DPSCD’s Core Value of Students First, as King student leaders shared their experiences from their time at the school as well as their array of personal talents. King seniors Clarence Johnson and Laniya Fant sang a stirring rendition of the Motown classic song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” that had the visiting students dancing in their seats. And King senior class president Joshua Fowler talked about his academic success story (he has a 4.4 GPA) and involvement in King’s choir group. Members of King’s renowned marching band rocked the house with a medley of songs. King student athletes talked about the school’s athletics offerings.  

"The moments with the King student leaders were impactful and made the bus tour worthwhile,” said Xavier Coleman, an eighth grader at Pulaski. 

“I already had motivation to come here,” said Xavier, before he and the others headed off to a classroom to wrap up the tour. “It was great to be here because now I know more stuff to write about for my essay about the school,” adding, that if he does end up attending King, he will be the next great student athlete from the school. 

Whether through the bus tours, open houses, webinars or one to one virtual support sessions to assist students and families with your Examination High School applications, the DPSCD enrollment team has resources and opportunities to help you prior to the November 27, 2022, deadline to complete your submission. Information on upcoming activities for the week of November 14, 2022, can be found at You can also contact the Office of Enrollment directly at (313) 873-6345 or email to