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Barton Students Practice Kindness Through Good Manners, Student-to-Student Support and Leadership

Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) November Expect Respect character trait is Kindness. It is also World Kindness Day on November 13, 2022, and Barton Elementary School students are prepared.  

During the morning report, kindness is setting the tone at Barton Elementary School, student reporters are sharing examples of kindness occurring at the school as examples to all student listeners. In addition, students write out suggestions of activities that are placed in a drop box that exemplify kindness for November as well as the other monthly Expect Respect character traits throughout the school year. 

“When people come into Barton, they are impressed with how well-mannered our students are,” said Barton Principal Rosa Glover-Adams, adding that the school’s structured culture has led community members to fund special outings such as the recent horseback riding/hayride event on Halloween. “We work to align with the Expect Respect character traits not only on a monthly basis, but in our daily operations and activities.” 

For the past several school years, through a program called Reading Buddies, Barton 5th grade student ambassadors assist younger students (kindergartners, first and second graders mostly) by reading to them at the end of the school day. The practice not only helps the younger students but also strengthens the reading skills of the 5th grade ambassadors, who are good readers. The 5th grade ambassadors also assist with transitions between classes and lunch periods, ensuring that their fellow students are organized and orderly. Barton is our Kindness Exemplar this month! 

The Expect Respect Initiative is another example of how the reform work is transforming school cultures as well as unlocking our student’s full potential, part of DPSCD’s Whole Child Commitment and Transformative Culture priorities. For more information on Expect Respect, please visit There you’ll find abundant resources ranging from student, staff, and parent/stakeholder Expect Respect pledge cards, the School Board of Education Expect Respect Resolution and much more. Complete your pledge card today! For bonus points, take a photo and send it to to be used on the DPSCD communication’s channels.


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