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Today October 7 is Count Day

You Count! We Count!


School has been is session for almost a month, but it’s not too late to adopt habits for success with a strong morning routine and perfect attendance for the remainder of the first semester!


The benefit of attending every class, every day, on time is not just a myth! Perfect attendance ensures students are on track with their coursework and studies. Missing just three days per month can put students at risk for falling behind in class. You can’t control unexpected events in your life, but you can better prepare for them.


Here are 7 achievement tips to help families and students gain focus and have a strong school year.


1. Every DPSCD school has an attendance agent that works with families to ensure students can attend school virtually everyday. Connect with yours today!

2. Wake up 10 minutes earlier.

3. Get your materials ready for the day and set up your learning space the night before.

4. Charge your computer or tablet before you go to bed.

5. Avoid watching TV. during class time. 

6. Go to bed at the same time on weekends and school breaks, get your 8 hours of sleep!

7.  Call the Homework Hotline to get help with your math and ELA assignments.


Remember, when students rise, we all rise!