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What a FUN DAY it Was!

The Barton Bear students enjoyed our FUN DAY on 6/18/2021. Coach C organized stations for students to rotate based on their grade level. Some of the activities included an alternate version of a potato sack race, ball in a loop, hula hoop contest, jump rope contest, and a relay race. The students accepted every challenge as they knew there would be an award ceremony in the end. There were 3 MVP winners who won several challenges: Cari Bell (1st grade), Rakeem Black (3rd Grade), and Anwar Pye (5th Grade).  Congratulations to all the FUN DAY winners!

 FUN DAY awards assembly

FUN DAY AWARD winnerFUN DAY Award WInnerAward WInnersJump Rope contestAward Winner Award WinnerFUN DAY award winnerAward Winner