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Summer School Registration until May 24, 2024

Summer School Registration

Academic Credit Recovery (Summer School) will take place from June 24th-July 26th. It will be required for any student who fails a class needed to graduate. It will be available for all Mumford high school students who meet this qualification and will be accessed virtually.

If in-person support is needed, students are welcome to come to the school building to meet with their instructor from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Transportation will not be provided for high school students because they are considered "Virtual Learners" during the summer. If a high school student needs to come on-site for support, bus passes will be available.

Please note: Students who fail a class needed towards graduation MUST COMPLETE THE APPLICATION LINK to attend Mumford summer school for the Summer School period by May 24th, 2024.


Use this link to REGISTER by May 24th:

The link and a paper copy of the application can also be obtained from the main office and on the district website at


If you are unclear if your student needs SUMMER SCHOOL, please contact their counselor:

Mrs. Eubanks (Last Names A-K): 313-416-7439 or

Mrs. Robinson (Last Names L-Z): 313-416-7440 or