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9th grade girls restroom gets new look in honor of Random Act of Kindness Day

If you need to feel inspired, visit the restrooms in the C wing.

On March 1, Random Act of Kindness Day, teacher Tiyanna Peterson started putting up sticky notes with inspirational quotes on stalls in the girl's restroom in the 9th grade C wing.

"Act of Kindness Day is a national holiday so I was thinking of a random act of kindness I could do, and I thought this would be cute and the girls need some inspiration," Peterson said. "Because of the type of environment the girls are in, there seems to be a lot of drama, anger, and fighting and something needs to change."

Because Peterson only teaches half of the 9th grade population, she figured she would reach more girls by putting her display in the restroom instead of in her classroom. Teacher Nicole Massey saw what Peterson was doing and decided to help.

"I try to do positive things in my classroom because it starts here with the teachers," Massey said. "If you create that positive culture in your classroom it'll flow out into the hallways, the gym and the cafeteria."

Massey saw something similar to Peterson's project on Facebook. The two teachers checked it out and expanded the project. Massey replaced Peterson's sticky notes with painted messages and Peterson did a similar display in the boy's restroom.

Freshman Meosha Sykes said the writing boosts her confidence. " I think it helps everyone get through the day knowing people care about them," Sykes said. 


Written by student Ayrionna Robinson for The Mustang Voice, May 16, 2019