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Story Time

Moses Field Story Time

The Exceptional Student Education Office within the Detroit Public Schools Community District has implemented a curriculum for students with special needs - The Attainment Curriculum.  Students will be engaged in building a foundation of literacy that will last them a lifetime. Helping special education students be engaged in reading according to their skill level is an achievable goal, but it can pose a unique challenge because many of these children have specific issues that make it difficult for them to learn how to read.

The Attainment Reading Curriculum engages students in meaningful lessons and practice to build skills and knowledge so the can:

  • Figure out unknown words and decipher passages and meaning.
  • Begin to understand how reading can be enjoyable.
  • Understand the relationship between letters and sounds, and can play with letter substitutions to make new words.

These skills help students navigate the world, from reading signs to taking written instructions in school and in the community. Hence, getting special-education students to read can help them lead more independent lives.  The Attainment Reading Program allow students with profound reading deficiencies the opportunity to engage in the most popular literature studied in the general education setting modified for their reading levels.