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Moses Field Center Promotional Students of 2021

With the world changes, let's not rush the year past them, that is the Moses Field Center “ Promotional Class of 2021”, there are great things coming. Just as the parents are proud, the Moses Field staff feels proud of each one of our wonderful students.
So congratulations to all of the students that are just going one step further in the school and those that will be leaving and moving on to the 9th grade at another facility.
Parents we first thank you for letting us educate your child, and finally, to the teachers and the staff who helped our student reach their academic goal we thank you as well.
Our 2021 Promotional Virtual Ceremony will held on the TEAMS platform, begin @ 9:30am on June 22, 2021. All are invited and don't forget to bring your congratulations signs to cheer for the 2021 students of Moses Field Center!!