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Improving Culture & Climate @ Mason Academy

As a Partnership School, Mason Academy has had its challenges.  With that being said, our faculty believes that our school is moving in the right direction.  Based on our School Year 2019 data, 87% of our faculty believe that our school leadership team makes decisions that are in the best interest of students while using resources strategically so that we can meet the students' Individual needs.

 students at recess

We look to improve the numbers you see below.  Even though we are performing nearly on average with the district when looking at middle school student feedback, we want to do better.  Improving the social connections within and beyond the classroom will take work and engagement from both sides of the eisle.  As the professionals, we are prepared to take the first step to close divide we have with our students.  We want to assure them that we have their best interest at heart and that we are here for them not only during their time as students at Mason Academy, but throughout life's journey.

students at recess 2