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School Schedule for 2020-2021

Here are the schedules for grades PreK through 8th grade:


01. Barnett PreK

02. K through 5th Grade

03. 6th-grade TJFDGN Class

04. 7th-grade TJFDGN Class

05. 8th-grade TJFDGN Class

 Here are the names of the teachers teaching the classes:

A. Ms. Lartarski - KINDER & 1st 

B. Mr. Stimmel - KINDER Virtual

C. Ms. Weathersby - 1st Virtual

D. Ms. Fawaz - 2nd Virtual

E. Williams/Wischman - 3rd Virtual

F. Adams/Young - 4th Virtual

G. Young/Adams/Furlow - 5th Virtual

H. Trela, Jarrell, Furlow, Donner, Gunter, Nelson- (6th, 7th, & 8th)

*Note - Classes are subject to change