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Character Trait of the Month: Cooperation

Character Trait of the Month: Cooperation

What is Cooperation?

Cooperation (say ko-op-er-ay-shun) is when two or more people work together to achieve a goal.  For cooperation to work, everyone must be an active member of the team and do what they agree to do.     


What does cooperation look like?


  • working as a team
  • listening to each other without interrupting
  • encouraging others to join in
  • willing to hear and accept the ideas of others
  • willing to change roles in a group; may be a leader sometimes and a follower at other times
  • recognizing the skills and strengths of others
  • discussing problems calmly
  • showing respect for each other
  • taking responsibility for their part of the task
  • willing to work towards the success of the group rather than their own individual success
  • uses good communication skills


Cooperation with the family


Your family is the most important 'team' that you will ever work with.
To be successful everyone in the family needs to:

  • respect each other
  • respect each other’s space and belongings
  • listen to each other
  • do chores at the right time and willingly
  • learn how to work out problems without fighting each other
  • communicate well so that everyone knows what is happening
  • spend time together as a family
  • celebrate each other’s successes and support each other through the sad times
  • making responsible choices and learn to share

Cooperation at school

To have real cooperation at school everyone needs to follow the school rules. These expectations have been put into place to keep everyone in the school community safe and cared for.

  • Cooperation is an important value
  • Excellence (everyone trying hard to do their best in everything)
  • Fairness (everyone having an equal chance and being treated the same)
  • Integrity (which is about honesty in the way we act and speak)
  • Respect (for ourselves, others and property)
  • Responsibility (for ourselves, our belongings and our actions)

Web Resources for Cooperation

Cooperation Worksheet/Checklist


How well do you collaborate or cooperate?

The skills below are essential for a displaying Cooperation. Do you have cooperation skills? Use an X to indicate your strengths and areas for improvement. Good cooperation skills will improved one’s character.

Cooperation and collaboration checklist

  • Begin, end or keep a conversation going
  • Give praise
  • Receive praise
  • Wait your turn
  • Ask for some help
  • Provide some help
  • Accept criticism
  • Provide criticism about the idea (not the person)
  • Clarify
  • Ask for clarification
  • Show tolerance and acceptance of others
  • Understand the viewpoints of others
  • Respect feelings of others
  • Encourage participation of others
  • Listen
  • Stay on task and focused
  • Be responsible
  • Help others to be responsible
  • Respond appropriately when others are angry
  • Convince others
  • Stand up for your rights appropriately
  • Apologize if needed
  • Model good citizenship
  • Cooperate and collaborate well both during school and at home