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Connected Futures

The District is excited to start deploying John R. King’s devices for the Connected Futures project – which will give every child enrolled in DPSCD during the Spring Count in February access to a tablet and six months of internet. An eligibility email can be found in your child’s DPSCD email account starting this evening.  You can access your students’ email in Clever, in the Microsoft Shortcuts section.  Take the survey for each child you would like to participate, and you will receive the details for pick up as soon as the survey is completed. If you are unsure of how to access your child's DPSCD email or don’t have a way to do so, please call the DPSCD service desk between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at 313-576-0100, or call our school at 313-866-9600 between 9am to 3pm.

Please click the link below for more information: 

Connected Futures Tablet Deployment


Click the link below for instruction on how to gain access to your students email.  Once you gain access, please located the Connected Futures survey to reserve your tablet.

 How to Claim your Free Tablet


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the devices be available?

Devices are being manufactured now and will start arriving in Detroit in the month of June.  Devices will be deployed in the month of June, July and August as devices become available. 

How will a parent know when and where to pick up my device?

•An eligibility email came to their child’s DPSCD email account
•Parents should take the survey for each child they’d like to participate
•They will will get details for their pickup as soon as you take the survey

I tried to walk a parent through how to access the student email account, but they were unable to access Clever on their device.  What do I do? 
Ask the parent to download Microsoft Outlook to their device so that they may easily access the student email account 

The scheduled deployment days cause a conflict with the family’s schedule, can the family pick up the device on a different day? 
Families should pick up their device at their designed location, day, and time.  Each family also gets a make up day shared with them when they register through the survey.  If neither of these will work, you can share each of the scheduled dates for your school.  Families can only pick up devices on their school's deployment days, times and locations though, so be sure to stick to days and times for your school only!

What if a family is unable to pick up the device during the deployment? 
If students or families do not pick up their devices and they return to the District in the Fall, they will receive their device at that time. It will be our expectation that students bring their devices to school in the Fall. K-12 students must have been enrolled in the District during the last Spring Count to receive a device.  

A parent wants to have student emails forwarded to a personal account.  How can we assist with this request? 
DPSCD emails cannot be forwarded in order to comply with record retention policies.  However, when a parent completes the Connected Futures survey, they can have the reservation email sent to them.  All they have to do is add the email address they would like to use when prompted.