Students, please complete the Course Request Survey for the appropriate graduating class year.  

    Dual Enrollment (High School Only)

    High School students grades 9-11th, will have the option to enroll in dual enrollment courses facilitated by Wayne County Community College (WCCC). Applications and support for completion will be available through High School Dual Enrollment Coordinators beginning on Monday, May 10th, marsha.lewis@detroitk12.org. 

    • Summer DE Courses do not require any prerequisites.
    • Courses count toward a general study associates degree pathway at WCCC
    • Students may not retake a course they have previously taken and been awarded credit.
    • Registration opens May 10, 2021
    • Registration will close on Friday, May 28, 2021
    • DPSCD Dual Enrollment Classes Begin (with some exceptions) – Monday, June 28th, 2021
    • DPSCD Dual Enrollment Classes End (with some exceptions) – Friday, August 27th, 2021

    *Students who pursue Dual Enrollment should be committed to using their Connected Futures or another compatible device to fully participate and complete their course online.


    Marsha A. Lewis


    These courses are available for S2 at WC3D for students:
    ASL 100 American Sign Language 3
    CPD 100 Career and Professional Development 1
    CPD 101 Research Methods 1
    CTE 103 Writing for the Media 3
    ECE 101 Early Childhood Education 3
    We encourage you to enroll in CPD 101, a Dual Enrollment course designed specifically for DPSCD seniors. Also, CPD 100 is a great introduction to Dual Enrollment, for those students who have not participated in the past.
    Important Dates
    Application opens: November 23
    Deadline: December 11 @ Midnight

    Continue to follow protocols. 

    When you walk into class you should use the hand sanitizer and grab a wipe to wipe your seat down. Our custodial staff walk around on a weekly basis to replenish supplies, however, if you see your class is running out prior to the end of the week let your teacher know. 

    Run through the screen at home. We can only stop so much at the front door. 

    Students who missed the last connected futures tablet distribution are now eligible for a loaner laptop. It is possible you may eligible once again after the count 

    Any girls interested in playing girls soccer please contact Mr.Dewar on teams or email brad.dewar@detroitk12.org. His classroom is 2039. 

    Seniors, Saturday, October 24, we will be doing our senior yearbook pictures and cap and gown measurements. It is critical that you attend this session. We do not want to do make-up sessions. This is three weeks of advanced notice. 

    Join boys swim, Rosalia.plascencia@yahoo.com 

    Seniors, voting. https://myschoolvotes.whenweallvote.org/westernvotes 

    Wear a coat, for Pete’s sake. 

    When you open a door you should apply hand sanitizer 

    All, watch the debates.  

    Morning announcements from Athletics 

    Congratulations to Varsity Girls Volleyball on winning their first match on Monday over Detroit Central. The girls play again today at home after school but unfortunately tickets are already sold out and are limited due to Covid Restrictions.  

    The Varsity football team is 1-1 on the season and travel to East English Village Friday at 4pm.  


    Any questions pertaining to Athletics please email Mr. Sanchez on Teams!  

    Go Cowgirls and Cowboys! Stay focused on the Western Way!  


    Daily attendance is mandatory. This is not the same as the post COVID shut down. Missing school can result in a visit by an attendance agent and/or further consequences.