Detroit Leadership and Environmental Education Program (D-LEEP) About the Detroit Leadership and Environmental Education Program (D-LEEP) For many Detroit youth, green spaces are inaccessible, local opportunities to connect to the natural world are scarce and STEM education lacks local context. To help bridge this gap, the Detroit Leadership and Environmental Education Program (D-LEEP) strengthens relationships between high school students and their families with the natural world in Detroit and beyond.
    The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Great Lakes Regional Center’s D-LEEP program builds on our decades of expertise connecting people and the outdoors by mobilizing students, teachers, and community organizations to create accessible green spaces and healthier, more resilient communities. 
    Through an outdoor-based curriculum and on-site school sustainability projects, students will develop leadership skills and are exposed to green/STEM careers. D-LEEP is growing the next generation of environmental leaders and creating more green spaces at a time when we need them the most. How the Program Works The D-LEEP program connects with students through after school clubs. Clubs are co-led by a teacher and NWF staff, in close collaboration with community partners and the Detroit Public Schools. Students design and complete an on-site sustainability project, participate in a wide range of outdoor experiences, engage in hands-on learning about green careers, and develop leadership skills. 
    During the summer months, NWF staff work with students to expose them to green career opportunities and help them find summer employment, internships, and job shadowing opportunities. By engaging students and their families in outdoor activities and community-based sustainability projects and connecting youth to job and skills development opportunities, we simultaneously help to foster more resilient ecological and human communities and support the next generation of leaders.