• Student and Parents

    First Day Expectations Face-to-Face

    • Face-to-Face Schedule- 7:30 A.M. - 2:40 P.M.
    • One entry door- THE BACK DOOR OF BUILDING
    • Temperature checks when entering
    • All students, staff and parents will enter through back door
    • Students, staff and parents will conduct a quick temperature check at the entrance
    • Cleared students and staff will report to assigned classroom
    • Students with temperatures of 100.4 or higher will be immediately sent to the holding room with adult supervision. The school nurse will conduct a medical check. The school nurse will report medical assessment to school administration. The student will remain in the holding room until cleared by school nurse or pick-up from parent/guardian


    First Day Expectations-Virtual

         Log onto Microsoft Teams via the student's account using Connected Futures device

    • Virtual Schedule- 7:30 A.M.. - 2:40 P.M.

      Please join the virtual classroom on time on a daily basis

    • Log in by simply clicking on the "Clever" icon located on the desktop
    • Students will use the same link to join Microsoft Team on a daily basis
    • Join class by 8:25 A.M..

      Accessing DPSCD Student Account

    •  Type into web browser - "Clever.com"
    • Click Enter
    • Select - "Login as a Student"
    • In the search bar, type in - Name of School - "Keidan Special Education Center" (if the school does not populate, type in "Detroit Michigan")
    • Select "Keidan Special Education Center" from list
    • Click "Log in with Active Directory"
    • Next screen will  ask for Email or (Username) and Password
      • a. Username is studentIDnumber@thedps.org (be sure to put ".org". For example 1234567@thedps.org
      • Password is: Upper First Initial
        • Lowercase Last Initial
        • Month of birth (two digits)
        • Year of birth (last two digits)
        • Gender Code
          • "01" - Male
          • "02" - Female
    • Once signed in, student's dashboard will appear on screen
    • Locate purple "Teams" icon to log into Virtual Learning platform
    • You may need to enter students' Username/password again
    • You will then be directed to your student's account

       Face-to-Face Learning Environment

    • Class size reduced so that all desks can be separated by six feet
    • Students will be grouped to better track and monitor student and staff movement (contact tracing) should a confirmed case of COVID-19 occur
    • Teacher provides in-person instruction

      Questions? Download our FAQ's here:FAQs

      Online Teaching and Learning FAQ's