• The Academic Interventionist's purpose at Thurgood Marshall is to assist in improving academic achievement of all students in grades 3-12.  They work directly with teacher (s) to assist students in reinforcing Reading and Mathematics skills.  Interventionist will also plan, implement, and assess intervention services to ensure fidelity; enable teacher's capacity to effectively implement identified core or universal instructional practice for individual students or small groups of students.  Academic Interventionists will work alongside classroom teachers in planning and implementing English/ELA and math intervention initiatives through the iReady online and Orton-Gillingham' First Phonics programs. At Thurgood Marshall the following staff members are Interventionist: Ms. Watkins, Ms. Hammons and Ms. Reed.  Their grade assignments are listed below:

    • Ms. Watkins-  Grades 3 and 5
    • Ms. Hammons- Grades 3 and 4
    • Ms. Reed- Grades 2, 6 and 7

    If you have any questions, please contact the staff members via email at charlayne.watkins@detroitk12.org, erica.hammons@detroitk12.org and victoria.reed@detroitk12.org.