• Welcome to the Conservatory at Brenda Scott Academy for Theatre Arts

    This year students in grades six, seven and eight are participating in a Conservatory at Brenda Scott Academy.  Brenda Scott Academy is a feeder school for The Detroit School of Arts High School.  To encourage our students to explore the fine arts, we at Brenda Scott have developed a conservatory model.  This model allows students to select one special area class to focus on during their middle school years.  Students are able to choose from Dance, Band, Theater, and Digital Media Arts.  Students will attend the arts class of their choice four days a week during their special area class period.  All students will attend Physical Education class one day a week.  The goal of this plan is for our students to explore their talents and build their knowledge in a area of fine arts that interest them.  Students will complete end of semester projects for each class that will showcase their skills.