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    The Women of Tomorrow mission is to inspire, motivate and empower at-risk young women to live up to their full potential through a unique group mentoring program with highly accomplished professional women and scholarship opportunities.

    Women of Tomorrow engages highly accomplished professional women as mentors in a small group setting. We operate in partnership with public school districts; all activities are held during the school day, under the auspices of the school district. The schools select at-risk girls for participation based on a broad definition of “at-risk” including low income, abuse, disability, likelihood of dropping out of high school, becoming involved in gangs, drugs, criminal activity, getting pregnant or academic, social, behavioral, medical or other risk factors. Each group is diverse in its composition with girls in 9th - 12th grade who have varying strengths and weaknesses so they can learn from and empower each other. Girls in the program typically do not know each other prior to joining the group.


    To Join WOMEN OF TOMORROW Please see:  Ms. Cheathem Room 215


    Below are pictures from the February 2020 Women Of Tomorrow Meeting.  The last meeting before COVID 19 stopped the world in it's tracks.


    WOT Pic 1

    Girls enjoy their meeting with Mentor Terri of Terris Cakes


    Seniors 2020 WOT

    Seniors listen in on the in depth conversation with Mentor Terri of Terri's Cakes.


    Terri WOT Mentor

    Mentor Terri talks to the Girls


    Treats wot feb 2020

    Picture of the Valentines Day Spread set up by Ms. Cheathem, Cody's WOT School Coordinator


    Ms Cheathem Cookie

    Ms. Cheathem always manages to bake something special for the girls.  Here are her Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies along with her favorite "TWIZZLERS"  She used the February meeting to celebrate Valentines Day with her favorite Cody Comets!

  • School Coordinator

    Sareta Cheathem




    Ms. Cheathem is the schools Academic Interventionist, Web Content Manager & TEAMS Channel Manger.