Mrs. Raiford's April Newsletter 2019

  • Dear Room, 128 Families

    April is here and as spring comes in the weather is getting warmer and the children are excited. Yay! Spring!! We’re planning for a “Pajama Day!” on Thursday, April 18th. The children can wear their pajamas to school on that day. Also, as we celebrate the return of spring and if you are able please send a treat enough to share with 18 children. We will be coloring eggs that day as well.

    Upcoming Events

         We are planning for a field trip on April to the Belair Luxury Cinema to see the movie Dumbo. The children will receive popcorn and a soda. Also, on May 16th we will be going to the Michigan Academy of Gymnastics.  We are also planning trips to Belle Isle Nature Center and Aquarium. We may possibly be going to the Detroit Zoo.

    prek students collage





                                                                         It’s Not, “Just Play”

                                                           Play is an essential part of early

                                                                 learning. It is the lifeblood of the

                                                             learning process. As children play

                                                             they are developing the cognitive,

                                                             socio-emotional and physical skills

                                                             they will need to take them into

                                                             a successful adulthood.


                                  They are developing their curiosity,

                                   problem solving, intentionality,

                                                              flexibility, and verbal and non-verbal



                                  Socio-emotionally they are

                                   developing their emotional

                                   intelligence-learning confidence,

                                   cooperation, negotiation, sharing,

                                                                    empathy and how to communicate


                                    Physically their fine motor and gross

                                                                                               motor skills are being practiced and


                                                      It’s not “just play” they are skills for life!

                                                                             MHC Early Childhood Solutions