Social Studies Overview

  • Our Social Studies curriculum is aligned with the Michigan State Standards and aims to develop a foundation of historical skills and concepts over time. Grades 1-3 focus on introducing students to the concepts of Geography, Economics, History, Civics, and Government through age and developmentally appropriate activities. Grades 4 and 5 continue to build upon these concepts and expand into National Geography and History standards.

    1st Grade Concepts

    • Families and School, Then and Now
    • Working, Buying and SellinDiverse Communities
    • Detroit History
    • Mapping
    • American Words and Symbols
    • 2nd Grade Concepts
    • Schools and Communities
    • The World Around Us
    • Local Government
    • Goods and Services
    • Being a Good Citizen

    3rd Grade Concepts

    • Civics
    • Michigan Government
    • Detroit History
    • Mapping Michigan
    • Michigan Resources & Influences

    4th Grade Concepts

    • Citizenship and Democratic Values
    • Civics and Government
    • Human Environment Interaction
    • U.S. Regions
    • Detroit History
    • Michigan History
    • Economics

    5th Grade Concepts 

    • Indigenous People
    • African Life
    • Three World Interactions
    • European Struggle
    • Slaver in America
    • American Revolution
    • Creating a New Government
    • 5th Grade also incorporates Document-Based Inquiries (DBQ) into the curriculum which allows students to collaborate, debate, and write documented based essays related to essential historical events.