Rise Up Read More

  • Rise Up, Read More Challenge

    Nichols is on a mission to engage students in the world of reading. Standing behind the research of students reading daily drastically increases academic success and improves their rate of graduating from high school and later attending college. We encourage our students daily to spend 15 to 20 minutes or more a night reading at home and to actively participate in the upcoming Detroit Public School Community District Rise Up, Read More Challenge.

    All students are encouraged to read and log thier books daily.
    Teachers keep track of the students reading progress.
    Schools that read the most books every quarter are eligible for prizes.
    Every school that wins a quarterly challenge is eligible for the end of the year prizes.

    Student Responsibilities

    Read the recommended time of 15 minutes each night.
    Record the title of the book and date finished.
    Create a fun video or written response about the book.
    Turn your log and response in to your teacher.

    Mrs Haywood Board Member Ms Crane  Board member reading to students  Board member with students