State Of The School

  • Each year, the superintendent addresses the community, providing financial and academic insight into the state of the school district.

    Principal's Report: Cass Tech 2019 Informational Data

    Freshmen Orientation  Students welcoming parents and freshmen Students demonstration

    Summer bridge

    • 3 Tiers
    • Students are assigned to Bridge by GPA (ELA, MATH, SOCIAL STUDIES)
    • Students are assigned the amount of weeks spent in Bridge by GPA.
    • 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Teen (each student receives a book)
    • Students receive progress reports at the end of bridge (data is used to see who will need intervention – Focus on Freshmen (NHS) or accelerated courses)

    Curriculum and Pathways

    • Architecture
    • Advanced Placement
    • Business
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Chemical/Biological
    • Commercial Arts
    • Communications
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Graphic Arts
    • Human Services
    • International Baccalaureate
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
    • Music: Band, Orchestra, Harp and Vocal
    • Performing Arts: Dance, Theater
    • Project Lead The Way-PLTW
    • Science & Arts: an invitation only

    Principal's Mission

    To Cultivate a "cultured of caring" that ensures the success of all students and provide them an opportunity to achieve their goals.

    Mission Focus

    • culture of caring– “every kid has someone they can connect with”
    • teacher common prep period – team collaboration
    • meeting students where they are…sat prep classes (during and after school), extended day, focus on freshmen, impact program, after school tutoring, monthly attendance meeting, steamm tutoring, parent workshops,
    • co-curricular clubs…doctors of tomorrow, for girls only, anti-bullying club, ct gents, pretty brown girls
    • curriculum enhancements…wccc dual enrollment, ib, ap, project lead the way

    Commitment To Learning DPSCD Mission and Vision

    We educate and empower every student, in every community, every day, to build a stronger Detroit.

    All students will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to thrive in our city, our nation, our world.


    • Increase math proficiency
    • Increase 9th grade retention
    • Cultivate a culture of caring through PBIS with additional support systems
    • To improve chronic absenteeism

    Data Overview

    • Daily enrollment is 95%

    Daily enrollment

    Enrollment Data

    • 9th Grade – 694
    • 10th Grade – 579
    • 11th Grade – 519
    • 12th Grade - 571

    Enrollment Data

    Student Attendance


    Cumulative student attendance 89.3%

    Student Retention Rate

    • 9th Grade- 97%
    • 10th Grade- 98%
    • 11th Grade- 97%
    • 12th Grade- 98%

    Student Retention Rate- 97.9%

    Suspension Rate

    • PBIS data used to improve our school culture.

    Suspension Rate 8%

    Achieve 3000

    Achieve 3000 0.1%

    Staff Absenteeism

    • Average absences are 5-6 per day
    • Absences are due to sickness or personal business matters

    Staff absenteeism

    Performance Summary


    • Cass Tech-45%
    • State of Michigan Average-40%

    Progress Summary

    • Cass Tech-41%
    • State of Michigan Average-41%

    Graduate Rate

    • Cass Tech-95%
    • State of Michigan Average-81%

    Advanced Course Work

    • Cass Tech-52%
    • State of Michigan Average-45%