Clubs and Organizations

  • Lit World Girls

    LitWorld is a global organization that seeks to provide girls access to high-quality literature and literary experiences.
    It consists of a curriculum that focuses on 7 strengths: Friendship, Curiosity, Belonging, Kindness, Courage, Confidence, and Hope. Clubs explore the 7 strengths through role-play, literature, and team-building activities.


    Contact person: Tricia Barnes -


    Cooking Instruction

    "Cooking With Ms. Carey"

    This PBL provides information about the fundamentals of cooking such as preparation, sanitation, ingredients for specific recipes, measurement, various cooking methods, cooking tools, etc. This PBL is a hands-on experience complete with taste testing. Bon appetit!

    Contact person: Bettina Carey


    First Robotics Lego Club

    Lego Robotics for elementary students...they learn how to build robots and use coding to program them.

    Contact person:  Emily


    STEM Club

    During the Winter/Spring session of STEM Club, students investigate principles of science, technology, engineering, and math. Students explore concepts such as Isaac Newton's 3 Laws of Motion using the scientific method. Students identify number patterns using the Hundreds Table. Students explore basic principles of coding. Students also brainstorm, ask questions, and make suggestions of principles they would like to investigate. Teamwork and norms for working within a group are emphasized and reinforced with prizes.

    Contact person: Nancy



    Drama Club - Roleplay (skits) school-related scenarios, recite monologues, spoken word poetry, and rehearse plays.

    Contact person: Monica


    Go Green

    The PBL program that I have is Go Green. It's consists of myself, two leaders from Go Green who are Josh Musicant and Brianna Young, and 23, 3rd-8th graders. Our intentions are to complete specific goals to improve the environment in and around Carver STEM Academy. We have been working with Dr. Cummings and our team to make improvements. We are planning to plant the garden, fix the stone flower bed on the west side of the building, plant bushes, and provide signs and trash cans for the playground.

    Contact person: Lynn


    Sensory Project-Based Learning

    In our classroom, which consists of 7 male students with the disability of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Every Wednesday in the afternoon, our Project Base Learning (PBL) is based on Sensory. We work on our Five Senese on various activities, which may consist of; see, taste, touch, hear, and smell. Students with Autism learn best by using; tactile(touch), visual(sight), auditoria(hearing), and sometimes in those areas a student may have two out of the three that is stronger than the other. The students love to work on their sensory activities on Wednesday and I love to see them stay engaged and excited about what’s the “Mystery Sensory activity of the Day”.

    The staff of Room #204
    Mrs. Jeannie Jones, Special Education Provider
    Mr. Troy Tatum

    Contact person: Jeannie