Competitive Athletics Program


  • All athletes are required to take a physical (MHSAA Medical History form to be completed)to participate in any sport prior to the beginning of that season for that particular sport. 

    Must have a 2.0 GPA to participate in any sport until 1st card marking.

    Must have a 2.0 GPA on the 1st Quarter Report Card & all other report cards to continue to participate in athletics throughout the remainder of the season for that particular sport.

    Must have good sportsmanship attitude.

    Attend practices on a regular basis.

    Must follow all rules of the MHSAA, processes, and procedures for the athletic sport that you are a team member of.

    Academics, attendance & behavior will be addressed accordingly if you fail to comply with school policies.

Athletic Coaching staff at Osborn

  • Athletic Cordinator of Sports- C. O'Brien 


    Fall Sports- Football, Volleyball and Cross Country

    Varsity Football: M. Bailey

    JV Football: D. Godwin

    Girls Volleyball: C. O'Brien

    Boy's  Cross Country: W. Mitchell

    Girl's Cross Country: N. Howard


    Winter Sports: Boys Varsity & JV Basketball & Girls' Varsity & JV Basketball

    Boy's Varsity & JV Basketball: W. Mitchell and M. Jones

    Girl's Varsity & JV Basketball: C. O'Brien and N. Howard 


    Spring Sports: Track & Field &  Girl's Softball 

    Boy's & Girl's Track & Field: M. Bailey

    Boy's Baseball: K. Powe

    Girl's Softball: K. Burton