• DPSCD implements a Science Curriculum that provides students opportunities to predict, question, test, investigate, and draw scientific conclusions.  All instructional units are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and foster collaboration and engineering practice. 
      Grades K-2 implements the online Mystery Science program to provide hands-on inquiries and explorations connected to real-world concepts.  Grades 3-5 utilize the Create for STEM program to expose students to critical thinking and engineering skills related to STEM based learning.

     Kindergarten Concepts-Mystery Science

    • Force
    • Weather
    • Plant & Animal Secrets

    First Grade Concepts- Mystery Science

    • Lights and Sounds
    • Spinning Sky
    • Plants and Animals Superpowers

    Second Grade Concepts- Mystery Science

    • Material Magic
    • Work of Water
    • Animal Adventures
    • Plant Adventures

    3rd Grade Concepts-Create For Stem

    • Squirrels:  Why Do I See So Many Squirrels?
    • Toys:  How Can We Design Fun Moving Toys That Other Kids Can Build?
    • Birds:  How Can We Help The Birds Around Our School Grow Up and Thrive?

    4th Grade Concepts-Create For Stem

    • Dynamic Earth: How Is Earth Going To Change Over 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 1 Million Years?
    • Energy:  How Can We Harvest Energy To Meet Our Needs?
    • Fire:  If Fire Is A Hazard, Why Do So Many Animals And Animals Depend On Fire?

    5th Grade Concepts-Create For Stem

    • Stars:  How Could You Travel 1,000 Miles in the Same Direction on Land, Air, Sea Without a Compass, Map or Phone?
    • Taste:  How Can I Create a New Taste?
    • Water:  How can I help my community to always have clean and healthy freshwater?