• Edmonson Elementary School curriculum follows the Montessori curriculum founded by the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. This philosophy supports students development through a child centered approach based on scientific observations of children including a learning approach that values the human spirit, the development of the child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities:


    Montessori Key Areas of Learning

    Practical Life - Purposeful activities, develops motor control and coordination, supports independence and enhances concentration

    Sensorial - Helps students develop and refine the 5 senses as well as develops memorization skills

    Language -Reading and writing must be taught through phonetic approach, letter tracing, 

    Mathematics - Foundaiton of math is mumbers to ten followed by decimal systems, teens and tens, the exploraiton and memorizaiton of tables, transitional materials and fractions.

    Culture - Embraces geography, zoology, botany, physics, earth science and social studies.



    Hallmarks of Montessori:

    Multi - age grade bands that foster peer learing

    Uninterrupted bloc of work time.

    Student selected work activities.

    Specially designed Montessori learning materials that are prearranged in an aesthetically pleasing prepared environment