• FLICS Dress Code 


    FLICS appropriate dress/uniform policy is as follows

    Slacks and Pants

    • NO jeans, jeggings, leggings, yoga pants or stretch pants are allowed.
    • All slacks and pants must be a solid color:
    • Elementary School – Navy blue
    • Middle School - Khaki
    • Slacks and pants can be pleated or flat front, full length and appropriately fastened at the waist
    • Belts must be worn if slacks/pants have belt loops.

    Skirts, Shorts, and Jumpers/Skorts

    • All skirts, shorts and jumpers/skorts must be solid in color
    • Elementary – Navy Blue
    • Middle school- Khaki
    • Shorts, skirts and skorts must be modest and appropriate
    • Shorts, skirts and skorts must have a 9-inch seam and be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
    • If wearing a skirt or skort, black or navy knee high socks, stockings or tights must be worn.

     Shirts and tops

    • Shirts and blouses must have buttoned down or straight collars. Turtlenecks and polo style shirts are permitted.
    • All tops must be worn tucked inside pants, slacks shorts or skirts
    • All Scholars must wear approved colors required by the school
    • Manufacturer trademarks, if any, must be one inch or less. DPSCD school logos are permitted and are not limited in size.

     Shoes and Footwear

    • All shoes must be black or navy
    • Students must wear closed-toed shoes at all times.
    • Flip-flops, house shoes, moccasins, slide-ins, and sandals (shoes with exposed toes) are not permitted.
    • Shoes must be laced up, with tongue inside, and tied securely. Pant legs must be worn over the shoe.

     Jackets, Cardigans, and Sweaters

    • Jackets and Hoodies and hood sweatshirts are NOT ALLOWED in class
    • Cardigans and Sweaters should match uniform: Solid Navy Blue, White or Black.
    • Must be worn over a collared shirt, polo style shirt and turtlenecks

     Head Coverings 

    • NO hats or other head coverings are permitted, including do-rags, skullcaps, hoodies, scarves, hairnets, athletic sweatbands, and bandanas, anywhere inside the building at any time, except where mandated by legitimate religious requirements.

      The following actions will be taken when students are out of uniform:

    • 1st Violation – Warning and Call Home
    • 2nd Violation – Written notification sent to parent and Call home
    • 3rd Violation – Parent called immediately – appropriate attire must be brought to school or Scholar will serve In-School Suspension.
    • 4th Violation – Mandatory parent conference with Dean of Students. (Parent Conference must be held before your child can return to school)
    • 5th Violation – Mandatory parent conference with your child’s teacher and principal
    • Further violations may result in suspension


    Administration reserves the right to prohibit clothing not specifically listed above that is inappropriate and/or creates a disruption to the learning process.