School Dress Code

  • Greetings Fisher Lower Parents and Guardians,

    Our number one job at Fisher Magnet Lower Academy is to provide your child with the best positive learning experience in a safe environment. We work each day to encourage students to be successful at their job of learning. We ask that you do the same by supporting our transition to a 2019-2020 standardized dress code policy (school uniforms) which was approved during the 2018-2019 school year by our School Advisory Team. Uniforms are an important part of the school’s identity: It has a positive impact on students’ learning and behavior in and around the school, serves to unite students, increases student pride, and eliminates barriers where all students are treated equally.

    In addition, school uniforms offer many benefits to young students. Uniforms promote greater school spirit. Having pride in one’s school can be a powerful motivator. Most schools with uniform policies see improvements with their student’s schoolwork. Teachers have said that uniforms make it easier for the school’s staff to spot intruders, improving student safety.
    Fisher Magnet Lower Academy students are expected to participate in our school’s uniform policy daily.

    The DAILY uniform is as follows:

    • SHIRTS - Students in grades Pre-K-1 may wear navy blue polo shirts (long or short sleeve) only. Students in grades 2-4 may wear red polo shirts (long or short sleeve) only.

    • BOTTOMS – Ladies may wear red/navy blue plaid skirts/jumpers only with navy or black tights/long socks only. Gentlemen may wear navy bottoms only with navy or black socks only.

    • SHOES - Students may wear black school shoes only, NO gym shoes.

    • TIES – Ladies may wear red/navy plaid cross ties only. Gentlemen may wear red/navy plaid ties only.

    School uniforms may come from your favorite store, etc. The School Advisory Team (SAT) will hold uniform swaps and fairs toward the end of the school year. Please send any clothing that your child has outgrown to the school for our uniform bank. We will greatly appreciate your token of love.

    Student Dress Down Days: Students may be out of school uniform on school picture days. Special days throughout the year may be designated as opportunities for students to wear school spirit shirts. These opportunities will be announced IN WRITING in a letter to parents/guardians, phone messages, and posted on the school’s website.

    Thank you for your support of the school.

    Dr. Green, Principal

    Please click the link for a flyer with the new dress code policy: Dress Code Flyer



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