• The CMA Dress Code for 2019-2020 is described below.  The Dress Code will be enforced from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 P.M.  Students may be issued a detention for the offense.  Other offenses are subject to Saturday School, in or out of school suspension, upon the Administrator’s discretion. 


    Slacks and Pants

     Color:  All slacks and pants must be SOLID BLACK.

    Style:  Slacks and pants may be pleated or flat front, and appropriately fastened at the waist.  Males must wear belts and no sagging pants. 


    Males and Females- No jogging pants, joggers, nylon pants, or elastic waistbands or

    drawstrings.  No yoga pants, leggings, or legging style pants.     

      Acceptable Material:  Cotton, linen, polyester, wool, or blended fabrics.

      NO denim or jeans or jean material.

     NO jean like pant or clothing that resembles jeans

     NO stretch- spandex material

    Skirts and Shorts

     Color:  All skirts and shorts must be SOLID BLACK.  No shear or see-through skirts.

     Style:  Skirts and shorts must be at least knee length or below.  (No exceptions)

    A split in a skirt is considered the bottom of the skirt.

    Dresses are not permitted.


      Color:  Tops must be SOLID BLACK, WHITE, or PURPLE.

      Style:  A long or short sleeve shirt or blouse with a collar is required.

    Turtlenecks and Polo styles are permitted.  Crop tops, lace, shear, or see-through fabric of any type are not permitted.

    Tee-shirts & camisoles:  Must be black, white, or purple

      Requirements:  All males must tuck in shirts. 

    Cardigans and Sweaters

      Color:  Cardigans and sweaters must be SOLID BLACK, WHITE or PURPLE 

    All must be worn over a collared shirt or blouse

       Requirements:  Cardigans, sweaters or any other garment may not have a hood.

     Note: Coats are not permitted to be worn in classrooms or anywhere inside the schoo

      Students should be in full uniform at all times, to include when wearing or not wearing school uniform colored jackets.


      Solid black, white, purple neck scarves are allowed.

     No lace, fishnet, etc. tights or stockings.  Leg-ware must be opaque and solid colored. 

     Over the calf socks must be solid black, white, or purple.


      Belts must be worn.

     Requirements:  Buckle must be the same width as the belt. Buckle may not be  construed as a weapon, and the buckle may not depict anything inappropriate.



       Color:  Athletic shoes may be any color within reason. 

       Style:  Athletic shoes, laced shoes, shoe boots, loafers and dress shoes are permitted.

       Requirements: All shoes must cover the toes. 

    No house slippers, flip-flops or any type of footwear that could constitute a safety hazard.

    No High Heels (Heels over 2 inches will not be permitted.)

    Unacceptable Attire

     Clothing that is revealing or provocative, revealing the abdomen region or cleavage.  

    No Bedroom attire.

     Student’s clothing or tattoos may not relate to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, hate, violence or gangs.

     Attire that may be considered weapons, including but not limited to chain belts, wallet chains, rattail combs, hair picks, etc.

    Hats, caps, or du-rags.

    Head scarves or bonnets of any style or color, Hair rollers or curlers, plastic hair bags/ shower caps, bandanas, bandana head bands, ear warmers/mufflers, hairnets, sweat bands, etc.

     Gloves or hand coverings of any type.

     Large purses and totes are prohibited.  The maximum size for a purse is 8 inches by 11 inches (sheet of paper) Violation will result in a detention for 1st offense.

    School Spirit Fridays

    Students are permitted to wear shirts that represent CMA sports teams or CMA clubs on School Spirit Fridays.  All students (including clubs and sports teams) must wear school uniform black bottoms.   School paraphernalia shirts are purple, black, white, or grey.  (This includes athletic teams.)


    Students in violation of the dress code policy will be subject to detention and/or Saturday School Detention at the administrator’s discretion.  CMA will not issue temporary dress code attire.  For repeated violations of the dress code, students will receive either a Saturday School, in or out of school suspension, at the discretion of the administrator.  If parent/guardian chooses to correct the dress code violation, appropriate uniform clothing must be given to student before 9:30 a.m. 

    I.D. Cards

    All students will be issued an I.D.  Student I.D.s must be worn on the upper-torso and facing front during the entire school day. All I.D.s are property of DPSCD and must be surrendered upon request of any staff member.  Students are prohibited from writing on or defacing their issued I.D.  Failure to wear an I.D. or surrender an I.D. will result in disciplinary action. 

     Administration will determine if suspension is in or out-of-school as determined by the violation(s) and the Detroit Public Schools Community District Student Code of Conduct.