• We are excited to know that you might be interested in coming to our school!  Enrollment is always open at Fisher Magnet Lower Academy.  We service grades PreK to Grade 4.  We are ready to enroll at the start of school, at 7:30 a.m.  The front door of the school is located at the corners of Crusade and State Fair.  Ring the doorbell to gain access to the school office.  Please bring the following documents  to enroll, if they are available:

    1. An original Birth Certificate

    2. An updated shot record

    3. Parent proof of residence (utility bill, lease agreement)

    4. Parent photo identification 

    5. Student grade verification (Report Card, Transcript)

    6. Individual Education Plan documentation for continued services (our school may not have your child's specific program, but we will direct you to the Exceptional Student Education services department who will find the right school for your child).

    With this information in place, your student (s) will be well on their way to be a coming a Fisher Lower student!  If you have additional students who are in Grades 5 - 8, they are free to enroll in Fisher Upper, which is right next door.

    We are aware that there may be special circumstances for enrollment (homelessness, new to the State, recent fire) and we are able to accommodate your families needs.  We have a Social Worker, Department of Health and Human Services worker and Attendance Agent (who can connect you to the Homeless Unit), to assist you will all of your needs.