Mr. Michael G. Johnson

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Michael G. Johnson

Mr. Michael G. Johnson is a qualified and experienced educational leader with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. He is currently enrolled in the Education Specialist program at Wayne State University, with a focus on Educational Leadership: Central Office Endorsement. His foundational background is in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Mr. Johnson has been in a leadership role for the past 6 years. He's excellent with curriculum planning, management responsibilities, budget oversight, as well as establishing a positive learning environment for children. He understands  the importance of establishing a positive building culture through shared leadership, in addition to collaborative efforts with all staff members and community stakeholders. 

During his time as Assistant Principal/Academic Engagement Administrator in River Rouge, he planned, coordinated, and implemented programs that were helpful to the success of at-risk students. He also trained staff in the utilization of Individual Student Learning Plans, protocols for Professional Learning Communities, as well as the inclusion of “useful data” in Data and School Improvement Team meetings. He believes that data drives classroom instruction, and should be the most important factor when making administrative decisions. 

In August of 2011, as the Principal of Dr. Charles Drew Academy, he made a thorough analysis of the data prior to the start of the school year. Upon the return of the staff, he engaged teachers in intensive professional development as well as a series of collaborative activities designed to improve pedagogical skills with an intense focus on reading and math. He also made organizational changes within the building based on the overall data that was available. To facilitate continuous teacher support and progress monitoring of new skills, He teamed with the Assessment Coordinator and Title 1 staff, to support teachers with core subject area instruction throughout the school year. Improvements were not only seen in the classrooms, but were also visible in student achievement data. In addition to improved MEAP/MStep scores and ACT Explore, we utilized other assessments such as the Edperformance Series [Scantron], to assist and ensure that students were on track to meeting their individual growth targets.