• On-site Resources

    We realize that occasionally there are unexpected situation that may impede student's capacity to exceed expectations in school. Luckily, we have an on -site Attendance Agent and a DHS Counselor accessible to address hindrance that may pervent with a student's academic progress. Our staff works tirelessly with families to give assets to help advance a solid and steady learning environment for our students.

    Erica Johnson,  Attendance Agent                


    Attendance Agent  

    Mr. Johnson serves as the Attendance Agent for Palmer Park.  He is responsible for tracking every student's daily attandance, reaching out to parents when students are chronically absent, and coordinating home visits for attendance check as needed.  He is a member of the Positive Behavior Intervention Support Team and is the liaison between families and the school.  Mr. Johnson works closely with administrators and other staff to assist with any barriers preventing students from concisistenly attending school.

    Terrance Baker, DHS Services


    Mr. Baker is a Success Coach with the State of Michigan's Department of Human Services (DHS).  He is available to handle any DHS questions and concerns from Palmer Park famileis as well as provide informational resources regarding employment and housing opportunities in Wayne County.  Mr. Baker works closely with our Attednace Agent to assist with our gal to maintain consistent student attedance.

    DHS services are availabe 9:00am - 4:00pm every.