Moses Field

  • Moses Field  

    Moses Field is a center-based program designed for students ages 3 through 14.  We service students who are Moderately Cognitively Impaired, Severely Cognitively Impaired, Severely Multiply Impaired or Autistic Impaired with Developmental Disabilities.

    The program emphasizes functional skills.  Our curriculum focuses on independent self care, core academics, art, music, physical education, strengthening communication and developing appropriate social skills.

    The core values of Moses Field School include “students first.” This culture of the school creates a nurturing, caring and safe environment where students have positive support to foster student achievement.  All students can learn, but not all the same rate or in the same way.  Students’ fundamental needs are addressed to make their lives more meaningful and to equip them with skills to participate in and make contribution to the communities in which they live.

    Breakfast and lunch are provided daily.  Transportation is available for all students and children with extreme medical challenges ride a bus staffed with medical personnel.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Moses Field Center-Based Program will strive on a daily basis to increase student achievement, increase student independence, provide community-based opportunities in real-world settings, infuse technology across the curriculum and enhance parent involvement.

    We will educate diverse learners in a climate that is safe, nurturing and challenging. Students will engage in academics, social skills, activities of daily living, pre-vocational and community-based instruction to prepare them for successful transition to a high school satellite or center-based educational environment.