• The Garden Club has been a part of Ronald Brown for the past 5 years.  Mrs. Karim, Mrs. Kinney, and Ms. Reed work diligently with about 12 students to teach the students about gardening, working together, and eating healthy.  The Garden club meets on Tuesdays from 2:45 until 5:00.  The students maintains the green house and several raised gardens on the school's campus.  Students are able to sign up for Garden Club during open house.  They may also inquire about joining the club by talking to Mrs. Karim (A103), Ms. Reed (A215), Ms. Kinney (A120).



     Students sitting at desks covering pine cones with Crisco oil  Students prepare their pine cones with string while sitting at desks  Student holds up his completed decorative wreath.  Student holds up her completed decorative wreath.