Principal Greeting

  • Dear Parents/Guardians of The Moses Field Community,

    On behalf of Moses Field Administration and Staff, Welcome Back for The 2020-21SY!

    First, let me thank you for your support and understanding as we, as a nation and community, responded to the unexpected invasion of COVID-19 in March of 2020. I am very proud of the way Moses Field students, families, staff and community leaders handled the demands we were faced with to protect everyone as we continued to educate and feed our students during these most unusual of circumstances.

    As you know, there continues to be concerns and questions related to how schools plan to reopen on September 8, 2020. While we are in the business of educating, our priority is the safety of our students and our employees. Be assured, we have been working diligently on ensuring that safety protocols are in place for students at Moses Field School. Detroit Public Schools Community District has the desire to meet the needs of families and will offer options of Face to Face and Online Learning. Please know that we will look at family options of Face to Face and Online Learning options every quarter, so the choice you made for your child now can always be changed as you feel more comfortable with sending your child back to school.  However, we must be proactive and be prepared during these ever-changing times to continue educating our students, when circumstances change, throughout the year related to the health and safety of our students and employees.

    Online Learning will not look the same as it did during the COVID -19 Closure.  Students in Grades K-8 will be provided a tablet through Connected Futures.  If you are receiving this letter you have received your tablet. If you have chosen, the Online Option it is imperative that your child participates in instruction daily. Attendance will be taken, and assignments will have to be submitted so that Caseload Teachers can assess/evaluate learning and progress.

    Our daily school schedule will not change, and teachers will be Face to Face or Online providing instruction and support to families.  Everyone must understand there is no way for us to please all as we make these decisions. Our priority is to keep everyone safe while not making life more difficult for our families. Each family situation is uniquely different. We fully understand your varied concerns about health and safety, online learning, the importance of face-to-face instruction, parents needing to work, the economy, and all of the other unexpected consequences of not being in school or being in school in a traditional method.

    There are safety guidelines that we will ask of you to follow as we provide educational services to your child during the 2020-21SY:

    • Take your child’s temperature in the morning before putting them on the bus.
    • If your child has a temperature of 100.4 or more, keep them at home and notify the School Nurse.
    • If your child is not feeling well, please consider keeping them home until they are better.
    • Notify the School Nurse/Homeroom Teacher when your child is ill.
    • If you think you child has become infected with COVID – 19 and has been diagnosed by a doctor, please notify our School Nurse. You child will have to quarantine at least until a negative COVID -19 Test results.
    • We know some of our students may not wear a mask/keep a mask on, but please work with them on letting them know why this is important.
    • Notify our School Nurse through Nursing Assessment/Physicians Script concerning other medical issues your child may have such as Asthma, Seizures, Respiratory Issues and Seasonal Allergies.
    • Keep the lines of communication open with the school and your child’s teacher.

    As we implement the Reopening Plan, we will keep you updated. Thank you for your continued support and positivity as we strive to do what is best for our students and staff during these challenging times. If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at 313-866-5790 between 8:00am and 5:00pm daily. 

    With Children in Mind,

    LeTanya Dandridge, Ed. S