Leadership Development Programs

  • Why Develop Leaders?

    1. Educational leadership research asserts that the quality of school leadership is only second to the quality of teachers when assessing whether student achievement will occur.

    2. Increasing leadership capacity is an important factor in the overall success of any organization including urban school districts.

    3. Current and aspiring school leaders will benefit from job-embedded professional development designed to develop individual skill in leadership competencies. Improving the overall quality of leadership within the district will result in improved outcomes for students. 


    Goals of Leadership Development

    1. Identifies, cultivates, and sustains leadership talent in the district.

    2. Provides an avenue for career advancement for district teachers.

    3. Develops a pipeline for future assistant principals and principals.

    4. Improves student achievement at scale.                                                                   


    Program Offerings




    Aspiring Leaders


    Wayne State University

    Aspiring Assistant Principals


    District Led

    Emerging Leaders

    Assistant Principals

    New Leaders for New Schools

    New Principals

    New Principals

    District Led

    Turnaround Leaders

    Partnership Principals

    New Leaders for New Schools

    Master Leaders

    Veteran Principals

    Eastern Michigan University

     * = Participants in the Aspiring Assistant Principals program must have all of their administrative credentials.  

  • LaShawn Streater

    Senior Director of Leadership Development & School Improvement

    3011 W. Grand Blvd., 9th Floor

    Detroit, MI. 48202

    (313) 873-8374