5000 Role Model Program

  • The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is designed to develop a leadership pipeline for young men utilizing school-based and community mentors and role models through various methods of support including themed weekly meetings, a monthly speaker series, community service projects and college access support. In 2017, the Detroit Board of Education members voted 7-0 to launch the 5000 Role Models Project to create and develop a pipeline of leadership from within the walls of the District’s schools. This project is a proven mentoring program that prepares young men for success, generated by role models in our schools who are supported by male mentors in the community. 

    National, state and district data indicates the need for strategic support for males of color. While African-American and Hispanic males make up 50% of the students enrolled in the District, data trends indicate they perform lower than their counterparts in each academic indicator. Detroit has the overall challenge of the highest rate of poverty among the nation’s largest cities; the strategic plan to identify male role models is paramount to the success of our students.

    The initial implementation of the 5000 Role Models Project began with 6th graders and continue through 12th grade. Middle school students will have the option to continue participation in the project if they transition to a participating high school. The eight participating schools will identify 50 students annually and identify a role model to work with students. The 300 students identified will participate in various academic and behavioral supports as well as cultural and educational experiences. Students will serve as ambassadors for the program and the school district throughout the City of Detroit.

    Based on formal and informal school data, the following schools have been selected as the 2022-2023 cohort:

    High Schools

    • Central
    • Cody
    • Southeastern
    • Pershing


    • Durfee
    • Henderson
    • Mackenzie
    • Law

    For additional information, contact Dr. Brett Jordan 

Contact Information

  • Program Supervisor
    1425 E. Warren Ave
    Detroit, MI 48207
    Ph: 313.578.7377