IQWST Science


    The middle school science curriculum is even more exciting for students at Ronald Brown Academy.  Students now participate in and learn from a new curriculum that is rigorous and student driven.  IQWST (Investigating and Questioning Our World through Science and Technology) at its core engages students in scientific practices as they experience, investigate and explain phenomena while learning core ideas.


    6th Grade-IQWST From Active Learning

    Unit 1 Can I Believe My Eyes?

    Unit 2 How Can I Smell Things from a Distance?

    Unit 3 Where Have All the Creatures Gone? 

    7th & 8th Grade-IQWST From Active Learning

    Unit 1 How Can I Make New Stuff from Old Stuff?

    Unit 2 Why Do Some Things Stop While Others Keep Going?

    Unit 3 What Makes the Weather Change?